Intercultural cooking : Thia , 2 Feb 2018, 18h00

We  supply, demonstrate, you cook, and we enjoy each others company over this meal. Bookings  essential Cost : R250

Vegetarian cooking lessons

Let us create your journey of health by teaching you  vegetarian cooking lesson every Wednesday. Bookings essential Cost : R250

Wellness week 5th Feb until 9th Feb 2018

Come and join us for a week of health education and detoxification. We specialize in diabetes management and people with insulin resistance

Wellness Week : 27 Jun 2016 – 01 Jul 2016

Do you have Diabetes?  Are you battling to lose weight? Attend one of our Wellness weeks and be educated concerning  food, disease, weight gain , cookery lessons, exercise . Booking essential Contact : 012 342 6085 or  

Wellness programs : weekly

Do you want to gain control of your health and wellness . Join us for 5 days which could change your life. Be informed about our toxic environment, reasons why you cannot lose weight, . Learn to cook healthy food, obtain an …
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Intercultural cuisine : Portugese cooking evening : 11 July , 2014 : 18h00

Come and enjoy an evening of  Portugese food , while learning about the culture during the cooking , and meeting new friends Date : 11 July 2014, 18h00 Venue : Ça Ira  Wellness Retreat and Guesthouse, 791 Government  Avenue , Eastwood …
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Intercultural cuisine : Norwegian : 29th Nov 2013 , 18h00

Come and join us for an evening of delicious  Norwegian  cooking . Enjoy the meal and meet new friends . The chef is also an artist and will have an art exhibition too . Bookings : 012 342 6085 , …
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Seminar : Insulin Resistance : 16th Nov 2013 , 9h00

Insulin Resistance seminar Presenter : Dr Mary Seeber Date : 16th Nov 2013 ,  9h00 Bookings  ; 012 3426085  or

Intercultural cuisine : Lebanese 4th October, 2013 , 18h00

Come and  experience an evening of cooking Lebanese food and interacting with different cultures. The food is delicious and tasty. Be inspired by there culture to enrich our lives . Venue : Ça Ira Wellness Retreat Date : 4th October, 2013  at …
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Intercultural Cuisine : Bosnia and Zimbabwe , 6 Sep 2013 ; 18h00

Come and join us for a fun and educational evening while cooking the food of these cultures. Meet new people and share their hospitality. Venue : Ça Ira Wellness Retreat and Guesthouse Cost : R150 Bookings : 012 3426085 or …
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